Transormation from a mill into a home

Families, couples and single people are guaranteed to find the most suitable features for their needs, where even gray days in their lives will be spent in cloudless happiness.

About the building:

The mill has been reborn to meet today's needs with state-of-the-art building automation - with intelligent home systems. Its residents will be fascinated by the look and feel thanks to the unique design and special architectural solutions.


Géderlak is located on the northwestern edge of the Kalocsa Sárköz on the left bank of the Danube, and lies between floodplain forests and willow grove forests. The mill building is located at the south-western end of the village, and was built approximately at the turn of the 19th century. The three-storey brick-walled building's external facade has local protection.

Interior design: 

Interior design: Four levels of the house have been re- built: the basement, ground floor, first floor and the attic. The ceiling has been a central focus throughout the building. The smooth-looking concrete surfaces of the new slabs emphasize the natural beauty of the materials. In terms of its atmosphere, the rooms are at once industrial, elegant and playful, with a kind of special eclecticism about them.

VR Panoramák:

Basement Level

The basement level has a kitchen for preparation, laundry room, smoking room, wellness area, two-space heated car parking area, equipment space and storage area.

ROOMS                         FLOOR AREA

Hall                                      10,65 m2

Kitchen                                 16,60 m2

Laundry room                       8,75 m2

Trafic room                          16,31 m2

Boiler room                            7,87 m2

Smoking room                       20,02 m2

Washbasin-wellness area     11,10 m2

Storage                                    16,50 m2

Garage                                     52,03 m2

Ground Floor

There is a separate washroom on the ground floor. From the glass-celled foyer we have a view of the monumental living room and dining room. The comfort of the dining room is ensured by a 12-seater dining table and individual sideboards. The equipment created with a mixture of old and new elements and various technical lighting make the space exciting.

ROOMS                                  GROUND FLOOD

Hall                                                  5,70 m2

Toilet                                               3,18 m2

Dining room                                    26,65 m2

Kitchen                                            20,57 m2

Wine bar                                            12,93 m2

Living room                                      43,27 m2

Terrace                                              60,53 m2

The kitchen is equipped and furnished to meet all needs. The kitchen was strung to a longitudinal main mass, providing a view of the glass-walled wine bar. Thanks to the imaginative distribution, the rustic yet modern kitchen is extremely spacious and practical.The wine bar evokes the atmosphere of a wine cellar, both visually and climatically, thanks to its automatic control system, it provides the perfect temperature for the wine.

In the living room, the central feature of the monumental 8.5-meter-high space is the illuminated back wall made of brick which emphasises the brick work, and also provides an unparalleled view of the interior. The spacious and beautifully furnished living room features an imposing Mesh chandelier, which can be programmed with a customizable light string program through an application. The space is bisected by a ceiling-mounted cantilevered bioethanol fireplace, which, in addition to its functional role, expresses the warmth of the family nest. The audiovisual system has been designed to the highest standards for perfect sound. The back unit of the space has a staircase - an elevator on demand, with which we can walk through the levels in a matter of seconds.

1st Floor

The bedrooms, which open from the hanging corridors, have bright, sunny split glass windows that give the spaces a special atmosphere. When designing the bedrooms, various back walls and visual elements were created using the original beams. Two bedrooms have full views of the living room, one bedroom has a rooftop view of nature, and the largest bedroom has its own private terrace.

ROOM                                          BASE AREA

Walkway                                        16,68 m2

Bedroom 1 - Children's room       25,83 m2

Bedroom 2 - Master bedroom       23,03 m2

Walk in Wardrobe                             9,53 m2

Bath                                                   12,27 m2

Toilet                                                 3,03 m2


Room                        BASE AREA

Walkway:                            14,02 m2

Bedroom 03.                       15,42 m2

Walk in Wardrobe               5,84 m2

Bedroom 04.                        15,22 m2

Walk in Wardrobe                 7,00 m2

Bath                                        8,41 m2

Toilet                                       2,12 m2

There is a bathroom and a separate toilet on each level. The atmosphere of the wet rooms is given by an exciting mix of folk motif tiles, concrete and rustic wood accents.

It Will Look The Way You Want It To!

The apartment is structurally completely finished. The finishing touches such as the coverings, the kitchen furniture and the painting will be done according to the needs of the buyer. The cost of materials is borne by the buyer; however, the work is carried out free of charge.