Our Philosophyk

To create something new while preserving and nurturing the values ​​of our heritage!

Among other things, this was kept in mind by Dunatív's design team during the reconstruction of the Géderlak mill. The first aspect was habitability and function. The mill has been reborn to meet today's needs with state-of-the-art building automation with intelligent home systems.

Extravagant timeless work of art

One of the biggest features of perhaps the oldest mill building in the settlement is that its expansion was not made according to the general attitude of today's trends, as a contrast to the old, but as an organic continuation of it.

Parts of the facade brick pillars show well that the building has been expanded in two directions. The designers wanted to recall this with a slit-like illuminated brick breakthrough that provides a very special look in both the interior and the exterior.

Cared for with love

It is worth appreciating the old not only in wine, but also in the building!

Nowadays, there is a growing need in the spirit of timelessness and durability to design buildings and properties where the tried and tested tools of the classical ages can be found. Our team fully and confidently researched and remodeled the building. The unique design and the special architectural solutions are reflected both indoors and outdoors.

When designing the planned building, our basic concept was to make the old and remaining elements visible and then develop them harmoniously with the new mass. We've made several changes for a contemporary look, but we've also retained quite a few elements from the old remaining elements.

We tried to modernize the look to stay true to the spirit of the previous design so that wherever possible, the original material was retained.

In terms of its atmosphere, the rooms are at once industrial, elegant and playful, with a kind of special eclecticism.

Thanks to the harmony of airy, cheerful spaces and special elements, we have created the perfect livable luxury from the average building.

Dunative design team :

Project Manager : Tóth István, Tóthné Takács Beatrix

Interior designer:  Kernya Róbert

Furnishings, visual design: Orosz Flóra

Smart home designer:  Domintell

Acoustic designArató Akusztikai Kft.

Electrical designTENZIO Kft. , StreaM PlaN Mérnökiroda Kft.

Mechanical design: Parti Ferenc

Statistics: Sághi Károly